Einzigartiger Planstein - absorbiert elektromagnetische Strahlung

EMIBLOCK, first and only wall block that absorbs radiofrequency waves up to 99%

The product is a block material which absorbs radiofrequency waves known to be harmful to human health according to World Health Organization (WHO). The product has been developed to absorb radiofrequency waves up to 99% in the range of 0-3 GHz, which is the most common radio frequency range used for wireless communication in the world for GSM, 3G, 4.5G, and Wi-Fi. Besides absorbing radiofrequency waves, EMIBLOCK also ensures other high quality mechanical properties such as: lightweight, compression strength, thermal conductivity and fireproof. Therefore, the product is the world's first building material absorbing radiofrequency waves efficiently and providing safe, healthy and energy efficent buildings at the same time. 

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